Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this dumb thing?

It makes research and due diligence faster, easier, and more comfotable. Why do people own cars? Because it makes transportation faster, easier, and more comfortable. Same thing, kinda.

How does this thing work?

This site finds articles that are currently trending and have relevance to your search query. We then do a little bit of this and little bit of that, and out comes a summary for you, it normally being about two to seven sentences (~1 paragraph).

Why are there usage limits?

Because this site is somewhat costly to operate. Seriously, believe it or not, the usage caps aren't there because the developer is being a dick, it's to keep the costs of this service manageable while we scale.

Development on EverydaySummary began April 13th 2017 by Raymond Mattingly.


Created by Raymond Mattingly -- 2017